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In Summer and Autumn

Ramsau was the first village in Germany and currently the only village to receive the title “mountaineering village” It is no coincidence that in a mountaineering village the awareness of the harmony between humans and nature is higher than in many other places. Alpinism in the mountaineering villages arose as part of the cultural self-image of its residents and guests, a self-image which has been possible to preserve and further develop over the generations Lovely walks along the Ramsau River begin right on our doorstep. The Marxenklamm is a deep glacial gorge and is just a few minutes from our house. The walk through the forest, past the glacial wells to Ramsau village takes just 20 minutes. The famous Ramsau Church (photo on the left) is in the centre of the village. You shouldn’t miss the beautiful trail through the enchanted forest to Hintersee surrounded by the Alps or the walk through the National Park to Hirschbichl, which lies just across the Austrian border. The path to the idyllic pilgrimage church, Maria Kunterweg is also a lovely walk. The famous Soleleitungsweg, where the salt pipeline used to run from Berchtesgaden to Bad Reichenahll, has amazing panoramic views of the Watzmann Mountain, Hohen Goll and Hochkalter. The abundance of wildlife and the diverse flora is an experience for every nature lover.

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